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accelerating medical inquiries, literature research and medical writing

It is expensive and time-consuming to process medical information

Use the AI-assistant to search through internal and external information

Summarize, generate or translate information in 130+ languages with citable sources

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Review material with teams and approve output

How medical teams can use MedPro

Answer medical enquiries

Use MedPro to help you generate answers to medical enquiries you receive from health care professionals or patients. Use the “Ask” function to find and summarise relevant scientific sources and draft answers, including the original sources.

Summarise research

Staying on top of the latest research can be a complex challenge. By using the “Summarise” function, MedPro allows medical professionals to extract data from research and synthesise findings for further use.

Create materials

Save time researching and summarising information by using the “Generate” function to create drafts for content such as campaigns, brochures, emails or presentations to share with your audiences.

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