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AI-powered analysis for pharma

what we do

we help you make better decisions

what we offer

our solutions turn data into action

for business development

Supporting business development to identify and assess more relevant business opportunities

for product management

Helping commercial teams to effectively manage complex product portfolios and drive profitability

for medical affairs

Saving time for medical teams by accelerating medical enquiry management, literature research and medical writing

for regulatory affairs

Enabling regulatory teams unlock locally fragmented and changing pharmaceutical regulation

Frequently asked questions

Who can use AVAYL?

AVAYL is used by commercial, medical and regulatory teams within leading pharmaceutical organisations.

How can you help me?

Your role is challenging – gathering data, synthesising insights and putting them into action can be time-consuming and costly. By providing you with comprehensive data and recommended actions, we can support and shorten your decision making processes. We also allow you to collaborate as a team and across departments to bring all the expertise to the table.

What makes AVAYL different?

AVAYL is built specifically for the needs of companies in the pharma industry. The models are trained on medical, regulatory and commercial data sets and its specific semantics to find and retrieve the most relevant insights.

Unlike generic models, AVAYL always shows the sources and citations when generating output, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it in your existing workflows.

Can I integrate internal data and systems?

The AVAYL algorithm can combine daily updated public sources (such as studies or regulation) with internal sources, such as portfolio information, medical documents or SOPs.

We can also connect to systems you are already using to integrate existing data seamlessly.

How do you handle data safety?

When working with AI, especially with your own documents, it is crucial to ensure that your data stays with you. AVAYL is following the data protection regulation and meets the highest security standards.

How do I get started?

Let’s discuss how AVAYL can help you save time and cost in commercial, medical or regulatory teams! We will schedule an introductory meeting to understand your needs and challenges and then scope a pilot project through which you can test the AVAYL services. If the pilot projects meet your expectations, we continue the roll-out in your team and across your organisation.

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