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in Pharma and Life Science

Untapped value in established Pharma and Life Science product portfolios
Established Pharma and Life Science product portfolios have significant untapped value. Manual analysis of launches in new countries, termination of unprofitable products, value optimization as well as potential demand upsides in these complex portfolios is slow, static and unsystematic. This results in inefficiencies and missed opportunities.
We use artificial intelligence to support Pharma and Life Science managers to identify the most promising optimization measurures in their complex established product portfolios.
Our automated pruning, launch and value optimization recommendations are identified 100× faster and are 90% more accurate than standard processes today.
The solution to this problem: data and AI
Why now?
  • NLP will structure over hundreds of data points and regulations from over 10mn drugs worldwide
  • ML will enable predictive analytics of portfolio action scenarious and competitive behaviour
  • Inflation, increasing cost of raw material and supply shortages
  • Continuous drug development cost increase despite innovation
  • Due to stricter regulations more data will be available in the future
  • Regulation of prices will be put more preasure on profitability of established products
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